Vienna, Day 2

We saw quite a lot! We started the morning off with breakfast at the hostel (Wombats “The Lounge” - HIGHLY recommended if you’re staying in Vienna. Great location, great prices, great facilities) and met with the dream team Marcela and Robbins, and visited Schonbrunn Palace, which used to be a hunting lodge in the 15th century, and now offers tours through the imperial apartments of those who used to live there. The grounds stood out, though. There was an absolutely gorgeous baroque garden and a beautiful Gloriette that looked over the entire city of Vienna.

We had a quick break for lunch and then met up with our diligent tour guides again to visit some key places around the city - including Belvedere, a palace that Prince Eugene of Savoy built for his use once he was honored with the title of “prince” after successfully ending a number of wars against the Ottoman empire (wikipedia).   The gardens were beautiful, connecting the Upper Belvedere and Lower, where the prince actually lived.

As we walked, we stopped to see the Soviet War Memorial, some abstract art, a beautiful theater, and then finally, after a loooong day, I settled down with some Apfelstrudel and espresso.

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